Expo manger santé et vivre vert 2019

My visit to the Health Expo was most enjoyable. Am always looking to discover new products. Here are my 4 favorites exhibitors  for this year !

Gourmet Sauvage ! www.gourmetsauvage.ca

A tribute to the Canadian wilderness

*Drawing inspiration from a rich and ancient Native American tradition, Gourmet Sauvage presents a unique selection of gourmet specialties featuring the best vegetables and wild fruit of Canada. Carefully picked by community groups and indigenous people across the country and processed entirely by hand*.

I purchased 3 different varieties of Pasta, their latest addition. Bolete mushrooms, Lobter mushrooms & Balsam Fir. Cant wait to try them out !


Varech Phare Est ! varechphareest.com

Hand picked seaweed in Gaspésie by its owner Stéphane Albert. you will notice on the image that he distributes in various venues. Love seaweed, purchased his Wakame from the Atlantic and a Gomasio mixed with various types of seaweed that I can not wait to add to my salads and other dishes,


Kémia ! Kémia.ca

*Kémia offers original condiments, marinades and vegetable spreads, as well as grilled vegetables. Their creations come from the Tunisian culinary tradition, perfect blend between the Mediterranean, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines. Kémia is the Tunisian word that describes an assortment of finger foods traditionally served before a meal.*

I often like to add kick to my meal so I purchased their Harissa, sample tasted it and WOW !

They distribute in Quebec and Ontario as well


Boulangerie Citron Confit ! citronconfit.ca

Artisanal, Vegan, gluten-free Bread & pastries. They deliver at no cost across Quebec if order is over $ 100.00

Tasted their Bread simply delicious !

If you come across these products while at your preferred grocer, do give them a try, they wont disappoint

Cristina For Peas & Peace


You have it in you

I’ve always seemed to be more drawn to, as well as more adept at processing numbers, graphs, and math. I never though I was capable of painting, nor drawing.

To explain this further, I have two  artist aunts; one very successful on my father’s side that has exposed her art in many venues across Europe, and one on my mother’s side who is just as talented.  Seeing their skills and ease of creation made me put it in my mind that I could never be that good, due to the assumption that people always have one side of their brain that is more dominant, mine being the left side.

This all changed when I took an arts class with an amazing teacher who was able to rid me of that insecurity! She made her class interesting by bringing in nude models of all shapes and ages, which actually gave way to my very first drawings. She also  encouraged us to undertake any object, image or life form we desired, which led me to begin drawing, portraits, fruits, fauna, and flora, as well.

The image below is of a drawing I created based on a picture of coffee growers in Cuba that I came across in a magazine.


The message here is that you should always go for your dreams, ANY DREAM and not let any pre-thoughts get in the way. We all have amazing potential within us!

-Cristina for Peas & Peace