You have it in you

I’ve always seemed to be more drawn to, as well as more adept at processing numbers, graphs, and math. I never though I was capable of painting, nor drawing.

To explain this further, I have two  artist aunts; one very successful on my father’s side that has exposed her art in many venues across Europe, and one on my mother’s side who is just as talented.  Seeing their skills and ease of creation made me put it in my mind that I could never be that good, due to the assumption that people always have one side of their brain that is more dominant, mine being the left side.

This all changed when I took an arts class with an amazing teacher who was able to rid me of that insecurity! She made her class interesting by bringing in nude models of all shapes and ages, which actually gave way to my very first drawings. She also  encouraged us to undertake any object, image or life form we desired, which led me to begin drawing, portraits, fruits, fauna, and flora, as well.

The image below is of a drawing I created based on a picture of coffee growers in Cuba that I came across in a magazine.


The message here is that you should always go for your dreams, ANY DREAM and not let any pre-thoughts get in the way. We all have amazing potential within us!

-Cristina for Peas & Peace






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