Remembering Penelope

Anyone that knows me knows that I am passionate about horses. I once had my own horse, Penelope. She has since passed away, and I miss her….immensely.

Now, being in my mid-fifties, I know that it’s not feasible to get another horse, as we leave for longer periods of time when vacationing. This is not fair to an animal, despite the fact that there are wonderful individuals that can look after them while we are away.

After a few months of struggling with this notion, I came across an inspirational lady named Anouk Lorie, the founder of Wásábi Coaching (Wásábi is an Algonquian word, that means “eyes wide open”, “seeing clearly”). She is also the owner of four beautiful, gentle horses. This one is Buck !


Amongst her many different workshops, I noticed one that intrigued me; Chakras and Coaching with Horses. Although I didn’t necessarily understand the meaning nor the purpose at the time, it appealed to the dormant Yogi in me. Not to mention, I loved the idea of being in contact with horses, as well.  I decided to follow suit and attend.

Well, it just so happens it did me a world of good. I was outdoors all day long with horses, learnt about Chakras and what they can communicate to you and came to terms with Penelope’s passing.

No experience with horses is required, so if you love horses and this is something that appeals to you, simply consult the website to find workshops and certifications that best suit your needs.

They are located in Morin-Heights, Quebec, Canada.

-Cristina for Peas and Peace




1 thought on “Remembering Penelope”

  1. Thank you deeply Cristina, for these beautiful words, for your beautiful Spirit – The Horses and myself have been really blessed to be able to work with you while you were on your Journey 🙏🏻 You are forever welcome here!


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