My new (Vegan) Boots !


I recently bought the Morton Boot in black from Matt & Nat, a Montreal-based vegan brand that uses eco-friendly materials, such as recycled nylon, cork and rubber. As consumers, in purchasing from companies such as this one, we are able to own products composed of materials that have been recycled, rather than discarded, thus allowing us to contribute to preserving and not overexploiting our BEAUTIFUL planet.

Apart from being sustainable, etc., these boots are also both trendy and comfortable, so it’s a win win all around!


From my understanding, production takes place in China, however, as indicated on the Matt & Nat site, regular visits are made by the team, so as to ensure that they are consistently providing us with a quality product, and that the conditions the workers are in are up to par with their standards.

All is wonderful !!!


*Disclaimer: any product that I mention on my blog has been personally tested, is vegan, and has not been tested on animals.