Cultured or not

Define cultured. This article is simply to put a twist on whom you might think you’re not. Do you love ballet, opera or Magritte ?.  Not quite, well you don’t have to.

Attend a rock opera, modern dance performance or non-traditional exposition at an arts center or museum instead. If you love sports, attend the championships held in a different city or country and discover that destination in question. It’s all culture.

Marrying a passion to an enriching  experience is what I’m suggesting. One of my many passions is fashion, I see it as art in motion, not the  prêt a porter aspect but the Haute Couture facet,  when a creator puts together a garment and you wonder wich  techniques, the amount of  fabric, precious stones, gold thread and hours that seamstresses and artisans took to execute it

While visiting Vancouver I discovered a new designer via the Vancouver Art Gallery,

GUO PEI,  some might be familiar with her name as she designed the gown worn by Rihanna at  the MET Gala 2015 (last image below).

I left the museum immensely happy, enriched and somewhere more cultivated…

Enjoy the images !

Cristina for Peas & Peace