Nutritional YEAST !!!



It is common knowledge that Vegans run the risk of developing a vitamin B12 deficiency if they aren’t careful in sourcing it from the foods they consume, which should absolutely be taken seriously, as it can lead to anemia!.

 I have to however say that in the 20 years that I have been Vegan I have never had this problem, this without supplements and simply making sure that all meals include essential vitamins and minerals.

Fortunately, a vitamin B12 deficiency can easily be prevented, as it can be found in such food items as nutritional yeast ! 

 You can  sprinkle it onto your salads, your soups, or  any of your dishes for that matter. It has a nutty, cheesy  flavour that I melt over.

Look up my PARMESAN recipe, EASY and delicious !!! Let me know what you think






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