The shape of me

Having recently celebrated a birthday, I realised I am in the later part of the 50’s… and heading towards 60.

Know what,  I like the shape of me !

Society, via ads and other mediums dictates how we should or could look. I am of the generation of abnormally thin models and the frenzy was to possibly fit into a size 0. The fact that a size 0 even exists is actually worrisome. I do see a shift and models look healthier where their weight is concerned. I do see that some fashion creators have also broken the mould in terms of diversifying, they will have all ethnicities, heights, shapes and genders represented, thumbs up to them.

Then comes the topic of what should a 60 year look like. Well, like somebody that is comfortable in their skin, and does exactly as they wish regardless of what others think ! you no longer want to dye your hair, then don’t, that is actually my next step.

Should also let you know that wrinkles are beautiful, they tell a story. Those stories enrich you.

Last but not least, your Mind ! at 60 you know BETTER ! you trust your Gut, the same one that was there all along but that we sometimes chose to defy.



Hopefully this will inspire anyone that sometimes has doubts and please pass on the message to all the beautiful women in your lives

Cristina for peas and peace


Find Your Passion (s)

In today’s times, we all have more duties, responsibilities, chores, and obligations than one can possibly imagine. This is why establishing and nourishing a passion is essential to counterbalancing the volatility, and craziness that is LIFE.

Some of my personal passions include photography and tennis. With regards to photography, I recently put the time aside to develop my photo taking skills and truly dedicate myself to honing the craft. In fact, each and every picture posted on this blog has been taken by me! I often carry my camera with me everywhere I go, as I never know when that special moment will present itself.


With respect to tennis, whenever I engage in a match, or a practice session, I spend that two hours strategizing and running. In doing so, I always get the reassuring sense that not only am I taking care of my body (my physical health), I’m also expanding my Circle of friends, as I’m constantly meeting up with old partners, or getting to know new ones.

A passion is something that will remain true and present regardless of whatever else is going on. Through exhaustion, sadness, or other, the passion you undertake can bring a smile to yourself, and maybe even others.

Go out there, explore, and try to identify one that peaks your interests, no matter how long it takes. It is the key to establishing longstanding balance in your life !