Physical Activity

Due to scientific research, we are now well aware that nutrition plays a huge role in how we feel on a daily basis and the impact it has on our health. Adding an activity, has to be your favorite !, could be a daily brisk walk, running, swimming, cycling, will affect and also increase your wellbeing, I insist on it must be something you enjoy !. Physical activity impacts your stamina, your mood, your weight, your muscles. For those that live in parts of the world where winters are long and bitter cold at times, I hopefully might inspire you in showing you a room I converted into a small exercise/yoga room so that winter doesn’t sabotage your exercise.


On a daily basis I alternate between tennis (outdoors in the summer, indoors winter), Pilates, cycling (indoors or outdoors weather permitting), so to not always be overworking the same muscles and also so that it doesn’t become repetitive.  I also sneak in daily walks for added fresh air while walking the dogs. Personalize your gym !, go with your favorite colours, gear, make it conducive to wanting to be in that room or area of the house.

Little tricks to share with you to maximize space and economise, we bought a set of weights all in one (Nautilus), this way we don’t have a wall of weights taking up the entire space. The screen is not so much to watch programs as I prefer to have music on, it is to follow free yoga/pilates sessions on youtube.


Cristina for Peas & Peace



Find Your Passion (s)

In today’s times, we all have more duties, responsibilities, chores, and obligations than one can possibly imagine. This is why establishing and nourishing a passion is essential to counterbalancing the volatility, and craziness that is LIFE.

Some of my personal passions include photography and tennis. With regards to photography, I recently put the time aside to develop my photo taking skills and truly dedicate myself to honing the craft. In fact, each and every picture posted on this blog has been taken by me! I often carry my camera with me everywhere I go, as I never know when that special moment will present itself.


With respect to tennis, whenever I engage in a match, or a practice session, I spend that two hours strategizing and running. In doing so, I always get the reassuring sense that not only am I taking care of my body (my physical health), I’m also expanding my Circle of friends, as I’m constantly meeting up with old partners, or getting to know new ones.

A passion is something that will remain true and present regardless of whatever else is going on. Through exhaustion, sadness, or other, the passion you undertake can bring a smile to yourself, and maybe even others.

Go out there, explore, and try to identify one that peaks your interests, no matter how long it takes. It is the key to establishing longstanding balance in your life !